Musician of the Month


As a friend and confidant, there are many things about RTL that catch my attention. One that strikes me, as he walks into a room, is that he comes off slightly detached, kind of enigmatic. RTL is preoccupied with what's going on in his head. He is listening attentively to the echoes of decades of musical influences bleeding through into our world. RTL, like some kind of shaman, bows down to deceased musical gods and calls on themes of the human condition. His guitar, like a brush, paints the aural walls with some entanglement of pre-war blues, dissociated country music and early rock. His voice calls on the struggle of the lover, the fighter, the sufferer, and the endearing search for truth of the individual. There comes across an urgency as RTL is fully aware of the bluesman’s plight: good versus evil. Quiet, he may not verbalize it; instead, he will let the music do the talking.

Original arrangements can be complex. The guitar meanderings of "Corner Store" reflect a good amount of fingerpicking over which a whimsical lover’s voice floats. If not playing his own blues, RTL will present a Robert Johnson tune such as "Stones in My Passway." Disjointed chords are stabbed at (not plucked) while an emotive and distraught voice, occasionally leaping into falsettos, is presented. Then, there are uncommon numbers dug up from the grave of 1940s icons. Such an example is "Detour," a pop country hit made famous by Patti Page, presented in a fashion completely unique to the modern era.

From original music to eclectic renditions RTL is sure to present passion and conviction. His delivery, far from conventional, presents music as a form that is not only heard but, indeed, felt. Sometimes I think those musical gods of his reverberate to his liking.

-James Capewell

Musician Ryan Legere brings a refreshing new approach to classic American songs. From Robert Johnson to Johnny Cash; Hank Williams to Patsy Cline, Ryan entices audiences to sit up & listen with new ears to these old songs. Arthur's Market is happy to name Ryan Legere Musician of the Month. He will perform at Arthur's Market Sat June 25 at 7pm. Check him out!


-Instruments: vocals; electric, acoustic, and slide guitar

-Have played bass in band

-Have been in bands: Dynamite Pleasure Chair, Real Blue Sky, Aluvium, Krowe

-Have played many events in previous bands including Relay For Life and Canned food drives

-Opened for Tommy Tutone's Jim Keller

-Opened for Grayson Capps

-Featured in Saint Rose Music Awards

-Have played all major clubs in the Capital District including Valentines (now the Low Beat), Northern Lights (now Upstate Concert Hall), Red Square (now Parish Public House), Bogie's


A mistake opens the door to a beautiful thing

Music is the sound a soul makes

Good only exists in the presence of evil

Set List: title, composer and notable performer

Busted - Harlan Howard - Johnny Cash and the Carter Family

Stones In My Passway - Robert Johnson - Robert Johnson

You Was Born To Die - Blind Willie McTell - Blind Willie McTell

You Belong To Me - King, Price, Stewart - Flat Duo Jets

Love Is Strange - Bo Diddley - Mickey and Sylvia

Listen To Me - Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly

That's All Right - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - Elvis Presley

House of the Rising Sun -  Traditional - The Animals

Apple Blossom - Jack White - The White Stripes

Poor Boy - Chester Burnett - Howlin' Wolf

Detour - Paul Wetmoreland - Patti Page

The Way I Walk - Jack Scott - The Cramps

Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Williams

Walkin' After Midnight - Alan W. Block - Patsy Cline

China Pig - Don Van Vliet - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band